Harlem’s American Gangster | Jim Jones


Jim Jones teams up with Dame Dash to let the people know Jay-Z’s version of an AMERICAN GANGSTER ain’t the only one out there. Providing you guys with Harlem’s version of American Gangster, Jones and Dash team up to bring out this new release from The Capo and his ByrdGang family, ‘Harlem’s American Gangster’. And since there’s no love lost between either Jim Jones and Dame Dash when it comes to Jay-Z, you know this is definitely going to be an interesting reunion as Dame and Jimmy hook up for the first time since Dash brought Dipset to Roc-A-Fella. And we can’t forget to mention…DJ Scoob Doo hooks up the score and mixes this bitch down, so this is a true Dipset Byrdgang listening experience.


1. Intro
2. The King feat. Noe
3. Love Me No More
4. Dame Dash Interlude #1
5. Byrd Gang Money feat. Noe & Mel Matrix
6. Global Money
7. Stay Ballin
8. Dame Dash Interlude #2
9. Money Comes & Goes feat. Max B & Noe
10. Dame Dash Interlude #3
11. Up In Harlem feat. Max B
12. American Gangster
13. Lifestyle feat. Max B
14. Dame Dash Interlude #4
15. Poverty

Harlem's American Gangster
Harlem’s American Gangster

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